Backend developer

At IndieBill, we believe that with tech becoming increasingly accessible & powerful, individuals can now leverage ecosystems to tackle works which were previously requiring large organisations. We believe that bottom up economy is the model of the future.

We want to be part of this future and that’s why we’ve decided to tackle the least addressed of all markets in this regard : the adult industry. At the moment, it is basically impossible to find proper adult-friendly APIs to build businesses - and that is exactly what we’re going to build.

During the past 12 months our focus was on building and running the MVP. Now there are hundreds of entrepreneurs actively using IndieBill and we just got funded.

Since then we’re a happy little team of 8 people in the heart of Budapest working hard to achieve greatness.

Together we’ll propel IndieBill to the next level.

Challenges we'll face together

Creating APIs: We've built our product in the cleanest way we could afford but we haven’t really got APIs just yet. Now that we’re a small and profitable company, we’d really like to start opening up to the world! :)

Bootstrapping an ecosystem: Simply making APIs and waiting for the world to use them is not gonna cut it (or at least, it’s not our philosophy). Together we’ll develop much effort toward making sure other developers can earn a living working with us.

Continuous Integration: We believe in tests being a worthwhile investment, and we have quite a few of them running already. Together we will greatly improve the quality and quantity of our tests to make sure it’s always a pleasure working on our projects.

Adult industry: It is a fun industry filled with very interesting people. However it also comes with a certain stigma, meaning much of today’s awesome tech is not available to us (many companies refuse to work with adult businesses). We’ll need to be creative so we can achieve. You must be comfortable working with adult materials.

The job

It’s an opening position in a young startup, you’ll be working toward improving our backends (we operate 2 websites and a few internal more services). You will design and implement the software architecture and data storage required for the development of new features and refactoring of our services.

You will be working closely with Xavier (lead backend dev) and Claude (Sysadmin) to build high quality software that can easily scale.

Desired skills

  • You know how to write efficient PHP code, you’re aware of coding best practices, automated testing, CI/CD. Hopefully you know your classics (HTTP, RESTful API etc.)
  • Solid experience in at least 1 PHP framework (we currently use Symfony 2.6 to 3.4)
  • Good thinking/knowledge/experience about data modelling & SQL engine.
  • Git/Github
  • Docker
  • Great tech culture
  • Fluent in english

Who we’re looking for

We surely need a good developer but truly a great personality fit.

If you have great powers, you’ll find great responsibilities! We are looking for a curious and proactive thinker-doer who can not only get his job done but also define what his future position should be in our growing company.

We don’t mind whether or not you have a diploma or certification. We care that you learn fast and take ownership of your job.

We don’t mind if you are a misfit, a troublemaker or have an alternative lifestyle. We care that you are truly open-minded and see things differently.

Our culture

More than building products, we strive to federate a community behind an alternative economic model. We want to see an adult-friendly tech ecosystem emerge, empowering entrepreneurs around the world and fostering innovation in our market.

We’re agile at heart : great results are achieved through conclusive experiments, not over-detailed plans. We’re not afraid to recognise failures, learn from them and start over.

Our workspace

Not just a job, a journey

Join the crew, experience the startup journey that might change your life

Be meaningful, impact real people, revolutionize a whole business

  • Startup culture
  • Limitless opportunities
  • Fair salary
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