UX / UI Designer

At IndieBill, we believe that as tech becomes increasingly more accessible and powerful, individuals are able to leverage ecosystems to tackle work that would have typically required the help of a large organization. We believe that a bottom-up economy is the model of the future.

We want to be a part of this future, and that’s why we’ve decided to tackle the least addressed of all markets in this regard: the adult industry. At the moment, it is basically impossible to find proper adult-friendly APIs to build businesses - and that is exactly what we’re building.

Over the past 12 months, our focus has been on building and running the MVP. Now, we have hundreds of entrepreneurs actively using IndieBill.

We are currently a small team of eight people in the heart of Budapest working hard to achieve greatness.

Together, we can propel IndieBill to the next level!

Challenges we'll face together

Keeping it simple: IndieBill is a complex product made for very different types of businesses and entrepreneurs. Together, we will design cutting-edge user experiences that are both simple and natural to use.

Optimizing conversions: It is of vital importance for us to make data-driven decisions when it comes to designs. We will measure the performance of various designs and layouts to ensure that each page gets the job done.

Building a CMS: One of our biggest projects involves building an easy-to-use CMS for our business partners to build beautiful and customizable responsive websites.

The adult industry: Designing adult-friendly products and services means working in a low-trust environment. Therefore, it is our responsibility to implement designs that engender a feeling of safety, trust, and professionalism. This also means that you must be very comfortable looking at adult content and websites.

The job

We are looking for someone who inspires, leads, and delivers great experiences in both product and service design. At IndieBill, design isn’t just about crafting pixels or making products – it involves creating possibilities, improving the way people transact, and fostering a safe and trustworthy peer-to-peer marketplace.

You will work closely with the developers and founders on a daily basis to aid in the implementation of the interfaces you design and ensure their quality.

Desired skills

  • Creative and fluent in the visual language used in responsive web applications
  • Familiarity with front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Experience in a wireframing tool
  • Experience in ecommerce UX (marketplace, dashboard, e-store, payment)
  • Information design and architecture skills
  • Analytical thinking skills

Who we’re looking for

While we need a good designer, we’re also looking for a great personality fit.

We are looking for a curious and proactive thinker/doer who can not only get the job done, but also define what his/her future position should be in our growing company.

We don’t mind whether or not you have a diploma or certification. We only care that you learn quickly and take ownership of your work.

We don’t mind if you are a misfit, a troublemaker, or have an alternative lifestyle. We care that you are truly open minded and see things differently.

Our culture

More than just building products, we strive to create a community around an alternative economic model. We want to spark the emergence of an adult-friendly tech ecosystem, empower entrepreneurs around the world, and foster innovation in our market.

We truly believe that great results are achieved through conclusive experiments, not over-detailed plans. We’re not afraid to recognize failures, learn from them, and start over.

Our workspace

Not just a job, a journey

Join the crew and experience the startup journey that might change your life.

Impact real people in meaningful ways and revolutionize an entire industry!

  • Startup culture
  • Limitless opportunities
  • Fair salary
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