Frontend developer

At IndieBill, we believe that as tech becomes increasingly more accessible and powerful, individuals are able to leverage ecosystems to tackle work that would have typically required the help of a large organization. We believe that a bottom-up economy is the model of the future.

We want to be a part of this future, and that’s why we’ve decided to tackle the least addressed of all markets in this regard: the adult industry. At the moment, it is basically impossible to find proper adult-friendly APIs to build businesses - and that is exactly what we’re building.

Over the past 12 months, our focus has been on building and running the MVP. Now, we have hundreds of entrepreneurs actively using IndieBill.

We are currently a small team of eight people in the heart of Budapest working hard to achieve greatness.

Together, we can propel IndieBill to the next level!

Challenges we'll face together

CMS: We want to build a simple CMS platform so that our users can better market their products. Together, we’ll develop a templating system that allows for different levels of customization.

API client: Some of our clients prefer more flexibility. Therefore, we’ll release an API this year and assist them as much as we can by releasing JS snippets, embedded scripts, SDK.

Back-office: We have developed a web application to administrate and manage our daily e-commerce operations. This place is the heart of our business; It is where we combine our metrics, visualize what is going on, and take action. The front has to be rebuilt to optimize our work.

Middle-office: Our current customers have a rudimentary interface to manage their business. We want to provide them with a more “wow” experience. The whole frontend has to be redesigned and rebuilt.

The adult industry: Our industry never showcases the best frontends, and we want to change that. We’re here to raise the bar and match the greatest mainstream products and applications. You must be very comfortable being exposed to adult materials.

The job

You will be in charge of all of the frontend tech for our company. You will choose the strategy, methodology, and technology. You will design and implement any frontend required by our platform. We do not work with native mobile apps, but our market is 60% mobile based, so we need a responsive frontend (visually and performance wise).

You should have an understanding of UX, and if you like data visualization and UI, that’s great. Regardless, you will be working closely with the UI/UX designer and together, you should be the perfect duo.

Desired skills

  • HTML5 and all its cross-concerns: browser support, natural SEO, micro-format, responsiveness, DOM performance...
  • CSS, with a preprocessor, apparently Sass/SCSS is game today, but tell us if we’re wrong
  • Javascript, you know what you’re doing with the big tech. You have extensive knowledge of the ecosystem, and have preferably worked with an actual stack (for example react or ES6)
  • Frontend automated testing, CI/CD
  • Git/Github
  • Fluent in English

Who we’re looking for

While we need a good developer, we’re also looking for a great personality fit.

We are looking for a curious and proactive thinker/doer who can not only get the job done, but also define what his/her future position should be in our growing company.

We don’t mind whether or not you have a diploma or certification. We only care that you learn quickly and take ownership of your work.

We don’t mind if you are a misfit, a troublemaker, or have an alternative lifestyle. We care that you are truly open minded and see things differently.

Our culture

More than just building products, we strive to create a community around an alternative economic model. We want to spark the emergence of an adult-friendly tech ecosystem, empower entrepreneurs around the world, and foster innovation in our market.

We truly believe that great results are achieved through conclusive experiments, not over-detailed plans. We’re not afraid to recognize failures, learn from them, and start over.

Our workspace

Not just a job, a journey

Join the crew and experience the startup journey that might change your life.

Impact real people in meaningful ways and revolutionize an entire industry!

  • Startup culture
  • Limitless opportunities
  • Fair salary
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