Customer Happiness Officer

At IndieBill, we believe that with tech becoming increasingly accessible & powerful, individuals can now leverage ecosystems to tackle works which were previously requiring large organisations. We believe that bottom up economy is the model of the future.

We want to be part of this future and that’s why we’ve decided to tackle the least addressed of all markets in this regard : the adult industry. At the moment, it is basically impossible to find proper adult-friendly APIs to build businesses - and that is exactly what we’re going to build.

During the past 12 months our focus was on building and running the MVP. Now there are hundreds of entrepreneurs actively using IndieBill and we just got funded.

Together we’ll propel IndieBill to the next level.

Challenges we'll face together

Providing the WOW experience: Addressing issues and making sure people leave with a big smile is of the utmost importance. Preventing issues from happening is even better. We believe support is about empowering our partners.

Building a community: Independents are stronger together. Yet today, independents in the adult industry have no proper place to learn, share and discuss about business matters. We got to make this place happen.

Scaling operations: As we grow bigger, we mean to offer 24/7 live support to our users. This means we’ll need to grow the team while making sure we keep providing top-notch support.

Authentic communication: Our partners come from all walks of life, and just like us they try to build a great business. We’re no bank and we serve no corporate bullshit. We strive to communicate in a straightforward, honest and always respectful way.

Adult industry: Our industry is a sensitive one. Things can cross the line fairly fast, as an ethical company it’s our responsibility to make sure it doesn’t happen under our watch. We have to ensure we work with genuine people running legal businesses. Therefore you must be very comfortable with adult content.

The job

You will provide our users quick, accurate, and awesome support so they can focus on doing what they do best. In addition to answering user questions, you will be leading projects to drive efficiency, documenting knowledge so users can self-solve questions, and handle proactive communication.

You will be working with the founders and developers. Support is not a department, it is the responsibility of the entire company.

Desired skills

  • Perfect written english, no grammatical & no spelling mistakes
  • Good writing sensibility
  • Comfortable with social media
  • Good organizational & time management skills

Who we’re looking for

You are enthusiastic about helping others & willing to go the extra mile to delight people.

You embrace a bottom-up culture, are not afraid to share your ideas, and will find ways to ensure our numerous partners are successful working with IndieBill.

You are a self-starter and are continuously looking for ways to do things better. You aim to prevent issues by troubleshooting root causes, not just solving them.

We don’t mind whether or not you have a diploma or certification. We care that you learn fast and take ownership of your job.

We don’t mind if you are a misfit, a troublemaker or have an alternative lifestyle. We care that you are truly open-minded and see things differently.

Our culture

More than building products, we strive to federate a community behind an alternative economic model. We want to see an adult-friendly tech ecosystem emerge, empowering entrepreneurs around the world and fostering innovation in our market.

We’re agile at heart : great results are achieved through conclusive experiments, not over-detailed plans. We’re not afraid to recognise failures, learn from them and start over.

Our workspace

Not just a job, a journey

Join the crew, experience the startup journey that might change your life

Be meaningful, impact real people, revolutionize a whole business

  • Startup culture
  • Limitless opportunities
  • Fair salary
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