We gave it our all. Thanks for your trust!
We’ve decided to retire IndieBill in order to focus our efforts in other projects in the adult entertainment business.
25th October: last day for making sales/purchases. 30th October: last payout day for sellers.
Do you have questions about your account? Check our FAQ or contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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Empowering Adult Entrepreneurs

Receive money without having to give a chunk of it away to some company.
Stop juggling various payment methods: Save time, earn more.

85% + Free Payouts

When you're selling to your own customers, the money should end up in your pocket.

No Chargebacks

We got your back: We protect you from chargebacks and fraudsters so that you always get paid for your sales.


Easily accept credit card payments, and get paid no matter where your customers are.

Adult Friendly

Unlike PayPal, we support you and your business. We think you’re awesome, and deserve to be treated as such.


IndieBill is here to empower ALL adult entrepreneurs, regardless of location* gender identity, or company.

  • Porn stars
  • Cam models
  • Studios
  • Glamour models
  • Lingerie models
  • Content producers

* we currently restrict access to a few countries like the Philippines.


We're building a solution for you to handle your indie business fully from one place, while keeping most of the revenue. Our motto is: Your Content, Your Customers, Your Money.

  • Videos
  • Photosets
  • Skype shows
  • Snapchat
  • Custom videos
  • File
  • Tips

** some content and services are forbidden, such as escorting. Refer to our terms.


These reviews are from REAL IndieBill users. You can even reach out to them if you wish.


"Indiebill has been a blessing to me and my fan base for the past two years since I've been working with them. The support is responsive and personal.

What I love most is that I am watching IndieBill grow into something much bigger and I prefer them over any other adult entertainment webhost."


"Indiebill is an amazing payment provider, their procent is not high, just the same as if you take any payment provider in the nishe, but indiebill is much less difficult to use and it doesn't need any coding or bank account.

Also they cover chargebacks! That payment provider is the best!"


"Indiebill has been solid since day one they've been in business. I joined as soon as they sarted and I've been happy since day 1.

Anytime you have questions, you always get your answers in no time with a very profesionnal attitude. I strongly recommend Indiebill. Plus! You get 85% commission!"


"I joined IndieBill right from the start and made the switch from KinkBomb to power my clip store.

I am happy with my choice as I now earn more for each sale and the IndieBill team has always been very nice to work with."

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